Often you can contact companies via e-mail - you send a message, and you get a reply. This works well for small businesses but when there are a large volume of customers and customer service agents involved it can cause confusion, poor issue management and therefore lead to increased resolution times for customer and user problems subsequently creating a poor user experience.

To provide better support, we use Support Tickets - you describe the problem, question or issue you are facing and inform us via email, social channel message, live chat or other medium and we convert your communication to a ticket with a unique ID. You'll be notified by email every time your ticket has changed - for example when our support staff reply or when we change the status of the ticket.

As long as your issue is unresolved, your ticket will be open - and because all the ticket communications will be in the same place can be dealt with by any one of our service agents at any time meaning you get a quicker answer or resolution to your question or problem.