Due to the increasing number of fraudulent transactions being attempted using credit and / or debit Cards we are now obliged to take extra care to protect both our customers and ourselves from exposure to fraud.

There's further information available here.

In case the case of any one or a combination of the following:

  • a 1st order
  • high value transaction
  • your billing address not matching your delivery address
  • your billing address not matching the address held by your credit card provider

you might be asked to provide a copy of your credit card statement by email to confirm that you are the cardholder by producing a recent copy of your card statement.

We do not need to see any specific financial data on the statement as long as we can see your name, address and card/account number as per the example below.

If you are paying using a prepaid debit or credit card then we will accept a screenshot of both the front and rear of the card.

We will also accept screenshots from online or mobile banking apps.

If you have concerns about providing this information then please see here.

If you do not wish to provide this information and want to understand what happens next then click here.