We understand that some customers are concerned about having to provide additional information to support their purchase.  

In order to protect both ourselves and the card-holder from fraud we are obliged to be certain that the person making the payment has the authority to use the card.

There are a number of instances where we have to make this request and which we have outlined here;

  • it's your first order with us and the order value is above a specific threshold
  • your card billing address and the supplied shipping address are not the same
  • the order value exceeds a specific threshold
  • you have asked us to deliver to a PO Box

We do not ask you to provide any information which you have not already supplied during the purchase process.  The exercise is simply to ensure that you have access to documents that only the cardholder would be in possession of.

We have provided an example for you here.

Information is not stored and is used for anti-fraud verification purposes only.

Whilst we appreciate you may be a little frustrated, please be assured that, ultimately, we are working to protect both your data and card payment details.

We certainly do not want you to feel compelled to provide this information if you are not comfortable doing so, however, as you may be a first time purchaser this is the policy that we must adhere to.

In the event that you do wish to provide the information requested we would like to assure you we immediately destroy the documentation and note only that we have received it as proof of card ownership. We do not share or use this information for any other purpose than satisfying the card company that we have obtained the necessary documentation prove card ownership.

We hope that this information has provided you with some comfort that as a reputable business our key concern is ensuring that we look after your personal information and security.