We're aware that some first time customers might be surprised and a little confused about SeedPod and how to use it safely.  With that in mind we've created this photo-tutorial for you to ensure that opening your seeds goes without a hitch.

Please do ensure that you read this article before handling a SeedPod for the first time.

You will need

  • a knife or other sharp blade
  • a flat surface
  • a container or containers

Step 1 Detach your SeedPod from any accessory or gift and place on a flat surface with the label facing up as shown below.

Step 2
Take your knife and cut the security tags on each side of the SeedPod.  Once done and ensuring the SeedPod is flat and level, you can use the flat blade of your knife to lever up the lid.  Remove the lid and place to one side.  You should now see the dispenser card facing up within the SeedPod.

Step 3 Slide the flat blade of the knife gently underneath the dispenser card and lift it up.  Once removed place the dispenser card to one side.  You will now be able to see the inside of the SeedPod.

Step 4 Gently bend the perforated edges of the dispenser card.

Step 5 Tear and remove the perforated section as below.

Step 6 Familiarise yourself with the location of the seeds you wish to remove from the SeedPod. You'll see each section is separately labelled.

Step 7 Place the dispenser card into the SeedPod ensuring that the opening on the card correlates to the seed chamber you wish to empty.

Step 8 When you have located the correct chamber and and placed the dispenser card correctly over it, as shown above, place your index finger and middle finger on each side of the opening and ensure you push down hard.  Once done, you can pick up the Seedpod and use your thumb on the rear side to squeeze the SeedPod between your digits.

Step 9 Once the SeedPod is secure and you are comfortable that nothing is loose you can go ahead and place the SeedPod above your container, tray or other device to catch the seeds.  Once in position turn the SeedPod upside down and the contents of the chamber will be decanted.

Step 10 You can now transfer your seeds to whatever permanent storage location you feel is appropriate.