To claim non-delivery you please contact Support within 30 working days of despatch, at which point you will be sent a non-receipt claim form*. The claim will be reviewed by our despatch team, and, if your claim is successful, the resend will be sent as soon as a decision has been reached.

Please raise a support ticket quoting your order number and the date your shipment despatched. If the current delivery time is less than 30 workings since the day of despatch then please remain patient until this period has elapsed. We cannot do anything until the mail carrier's maximum delivery schedule has elapsed.

If your shipment has arrived with you and has been tampered with or had items removed then we will require the following information from you in order to resend all or part of a shipment.

  • a copy of the seizure letter you received
  • photographs of the package exterior clearly showing your address label and any evidence of tearing, tampering or opening
  • photographs of the interior packaging

You can attach these images to a support ticket and should also provide your order number, name and tracking number.

*resends are authorised at our discretion and are subject to sensible fair usage.